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Air Traffic Control (ATC) Analyst


Job Summary


Provide ATC expertise on a software development project to evaluate air traffic control facilities, systems, and processes for compliance with FAA safety standards. Identify safety dependencies across ATC procedures and ATC equipment, and safety impacts of National Airspace System (NAS) changes on ATC elements. Develop a classification system for organizing separation minima-related ATC procedures and safety incident data according to ATC factors. Collaborate with engineering teams to model ATC procedure safety hazards and evaluate the effectiveness of risk controls.


  • FAA TRACON or tower ATC experience preferred.

  • Experience in evaluating, developing, or training on national or local ATC procedure changes or waivers desired.

  • Familiarity with FAA Safety Management System (SMS) or safety risk management a plus.

  • High school diploma/GED and 10+ years of ATC experience.


To Apply


Email res​umes to​​



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