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Associate Data Scientist


Job Summary


We are seeking an innovative Data Scientist to join our team. As a team member, you will design, develop, and implement solutions to evaluate air traffic control systems and operations data to improve safety. Collaborate with systems and software engineering teams to apply Machine Learning (ML) and natural language processing to analyze aviation data such as safety incidents, aircraft performance, weather, and air traffic operations.  Apply ML and investigate the use of deep learning to  classify aviation safety events.  Conduct exploratory data mining, regression analyses, and time-series analyses to characterize potential factors impacting aviation safety performance and performance changes over time.  Discover and report on actionable insights from data analytics to help decision makers understand and mitigate aviation safety risks.  Opportunities for continued education / professional development, especially in data science conferences and techniques.



  • BS and 1 year or MS degree in Engineering, Science, Mathematics, Statistics, Computer Science, or similar required.

  • Experience in logical problem solving, development and application of analytical methods, and synthesizing and interpreting data analysis results.

  • Knowledge and experience in machine learning, feature engineering, neural networks, and natural language processing tools and techniques.

  • Understanding of structured and unstructured data processing, statistical data analysis methods, and evaluation of model performance and accuracy.

  • Demonstrated ability to work independently and assume responsibility for work product development and continuous delivery.

  • Able to assist in development of comprehensive data analysis models and visualizations.

  • Strong communication and analytical skills to clearly document and present data analyses and findings.

  • Familiarity with risk analysis is a plus.


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