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Research & Development

SEI has developed system concept, models, and methodologies to assess the collective impact of NextGen system implementation and legacy system modifications on NAS safety hazards and risk control effectiveness. We developed a conceptual model and database for analyzing NAS equipment physical and logical interdependencies and the impact of hardware/software changes on interdependent systems. We have built software tools that integrate aviation safety, air traffic, and Tech Ops data, allowing all ATC facilities to assess the emerging and latent safety risks encountered during transformation of current NAS to NextGen.

We have developed a web-based software prototype in Java to display ATC facility safety indicators and trends, and have constructed safety taxonomies for classifying hazards across NAS systems, including ASR-11, ADS-B, ATOP, ERAM, Enhanced Terminal Voice Switch (ETVS), STARS, CARTS, Runway Status Lights, and ASDE-X.

SEI has “reverse engineered” ATC procedures such as Land & Hold Short (LAHSO) and Line Up & Wait to develop methods for estimating safety risk likelihood and severity given facility environment and aircraft characteristics.

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